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When you understand

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It is so unique to watch something grow, like a butterfly, like a animal, like a person. One thing I would always say to others and my self is that we should always be growing in different arears in our lives. As you look at a butterfly starting from an egg and as you look at a person once as a baby…. You have to understand that all have had to come through a process of growth. Note this that the butterfly could not be elevated until it went through all of the stages it took to become a butterfly. If you pay close attention at no time was the butterfly able to skip any one of those stages to become a butterfly. (it could not come to it’s best potential until the butterfly went through all of the stages). Now the butterfly was able to move forward fly away and live as what it was meant to be and that is a butterfly.. The same goes for me and you, we can not skip the process that one may go through in life to get them to fulfill their purpose in life. So now when you understand that it is just a process that a person may go through before God elevates them. You will understand that there is a blessing at the end of your process. “Get this” you have to go through the process before you can get to the finished product. A butterfly starts off as an egg, then a caterpillar, then (Chrysalis) Papa, then finally a beautiful butterfly… YOU CAN’T SKIP THE PROCESS: Let God take you through your process… God has something greater for you at the end of your process… Trust God… He knows what He is doing He is preparing you for greatness… Keep trusting God. No matter how hard you think it may be.

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