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I always loved it when the church fellowship with other churches, it is

always very much needed, I can remember every year we join together with

different choir’s, praise dancers, and ushers, etc. We would all come together

to fellowship.  It’s just fun to meet new people. This is the best way to meet

new friends as well as minister to them. Did you know that you should have

fellowship with God, it is very important that you do. This is what God wants

from you. It is a blessing to get to know him better. When you read your bible

it teaches you that Jesus set many example for us, one being that he took time

away from what he was doing to spend time with the Father. Just like you like

quiet time to read your favorite book. So you should want quiet time with

Jesus. Jesus took quiet moments when He went into the mountains to pray.

When you become more mature in your relationship with God, the more you

want to spend quiet time with Him because you would know that it is

important too. Taking time out for our self, to meet friends have fun with each

other fellowship with one another is great. But we must take that time out

with Jesus to have a relationship with him.

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