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What’s Behind your smile :-)

Happiness happens when we stand together : Stock Photo

We all smile, we all love to have fun and laugh and take photos with others and with our friends and family. But the key here is what is behind that smile SOME TIMES. It could be hurt, disappointment, grief, and so much more. Yeah yeah I know you thinking that it is just sometimes better to keep smiling, Of course, why not. But what you don’t want to do is think that you always have to have it all together. Because if truth be told no one has it all together. I titled this post what’s behind your smile because it is possible at some point in most people’s lives they have had to smile and laugh to keep from crying.. And so many people fall for it and then wonder “wow” how did I miss that and say things like I never knew that person was going through that, I never knew because from their photos they look so happy. I will never forget on one of my birthdays having to drag myself out of bed because of the news I heard a day before my birthday that sent me into a panic state of mind as well as stressed me out to the fullest. But I told myself that day on my birthday I needed to get up because It was my birthday and try to do something, so I did. The photos with me smiling and laughing with family, I loved it and I was enjoying my birthday for that moment. The point I am trying to make here is having family and friends around is great. Smiling and laughing is great, but at some point you have to deal with what is behind your smile. You have to bring it to the for front of everything and deal with it. So that you are genuinely enjoying yourself… A smile can go a long way when it comes to greeting people showing love and just being that type of person that smiles a lot. So in no way am I saying that it is something wrong with smiling and having fun with friends. But what I am pointing out is that every smile does not mean that all is well with that person. And that person should not put their self in a position to feel like they need to act a certain way so people will think they have it all together. It is always good to pray for people that others gravitate to easily, pray for people that encourage and help others all the time and just praying for someone that a lot of people look up too.. Because it is more likely for those people to be walking around like everything is ok when it is not. All because they may feel that they can’t express them self and a way that shows they need to take some time and step back and see about them self. Because if truth be told they feel obligated to be their for others and not so much for them self… If I can encourage this kind of person today.. I would say Selfcare comes first, you have to take care of yourself.. You can’t be running on empty and trying to be their for every one else. You can’t be acting like you have it all together and you don’t, take sometime for your self so that when you are smiling and laughing and having fun you are truly doing just that.. #Beencouraged #Stayencouraged #AndAlwaysEncourageyourself

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