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IT’s Time To Accept The Obvious

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Even though I know every one can attest to a point in their lives of not accepting the obvious in different situation that may have come up at one time in their life. But I am here to tell you the down fall that may come with ignoring the obvious would only led to heartaches. For example if you had a best friend that you tell everything to, that you call all the time and at some point you can plainly see that friend is not talking to you that much and not picking up the phone when you call, the obvious is that theirs something wrong. But if you look over it and not address what it may be and you choose to ignore the red flags that something is wrong, it could end not so good. When you don’t except the fact or pay attention to the obvious you put yourself in a position of being hurt, shock, angry, frustrated all because you want look at a situation for what it is. Now this may come from fear of what it might be, so you ignore the obvious to keep from feeling all those emotions that may come if you put your mind to what it really is. But in the end you have to face what ever it is. Listen if you are someone that ignores your instincts that alerts you about something or someone and you ignore it because you hope that it’s not real or true. But in the end you find out it was real and it was true. Now you beating up on yourself because you ignored the red flags you picked up in the beginning. What you need to understand is in the end when you ignore the obvious the red flags with family, with friends, with co-workers and associates. It will be much harder to face at the end what was so obvious in the beginning. Some times you may feel that it is ok to ignore the obvious because you want to be the bigger person, but if it concerns you, It should not be ignored because you could very well stop something from lingering for a long time.

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