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Growing up as a teenager into adulthood I would always love to hear when people tell their testimony. I would love to hear them tell their story how God had brought them through. It helped push me a little bit further in life not letting the obstacles that came my way get me down. This is why I choose to use my gift to encourage others in a mighty way, to move forward after that downfall, that pain, that hurt, that trauma, that storm. IT IS NOT THE END IT IS THE BEGINNING. I have had this page for a while now but never published it, because in my mind I would say I will just keep encouraging others with little quotes on social media. But I just kept feeling a tug to do more, So I did.. I am a introvert so I don't get into too much, because what excites me the most is being a homebody lol. I love food working with kids, helping others, going skating, going to the library, church etc. We all have gifts, whether we tap into that gift is totally on you. A few years back I would type encouraging words in my notepad like I was blogging to someone... I did that for a while, but needless to say no one ever saw them until now. My goal is to try and post something once a week.. I pray that as you explore my page and my post that you are encouraged to move forward with what God has for you in your life.